Espen Gulbrandsen started releasing music on record labels in 2003, at age 20, under the collaborative act Recluse, with fellow Norwegian Thomas N√łkling. They had three singles that were all featured on Armin’s A State of Trance radio show, as well as featured on several compilations. Their last single, ‘Emotional Void’, was released on Solarstone’s Deep Blue label and featured on Armin’s ASOT compilation 2005.

After this successful period of writing and producing trance music, Espen went on to work with Stian Klo and Lars Jacobsen, as ‘Espen & Stian’, and ‘Espen & Elusive’, respectively. This marked the beginning of a change in style, getting into a deeper progressive house tone. Some of the great moments from this period are Espen & Stian’s release “Dominating Male/Great Dame” on Vapour Recordings, and Espen & Elusive’s single ‘Shexy’ on Subsky’s Red Flag Collective.

A new era began in 2007 when Espen started releasing music as just ‘Espen’. This period began with the release of ‘Wet Sequence’ on Phatjak’s label Mokilok. Espen’s biggest single to date was ‘Perfect Sky’, a collaboration with Adrian & Raz, featuring acclaimed singer Maria Nayler. This was released in 2009 and was featured on Armin’s Universal Religion compilation recorded in Ibiza. Since then, Espen has made many appearances on Silk Music Publishing and Baroque Records.